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This course describes the updates to the North Alabama Conference's Safe Sanctuaries policy approved at Annual Conference in June 2021. The Conference policy is reviewed at least every four years, and during this course you will be familiarized with the changes approved for 2021-2025.

This course is intended for local church leaders who are responsible for maintaining their church's Safe Sanctuaries policy. An additional course is available for those who need to complete Safe Sanctuaries training for their local church where the local church has a policy based on the model small church policy provided by the Conference.


This course is not the Safe Sanctuaries Basic Training for local church staff and volunteers. To complete Safe Sanctuaries Basic Training, click here.

This course is used to track completion of the online mandated reporter training offered by the Alabama Department of Human Resources. The online course can be accessed on DHR's website at this link. Once complete, you can upload your completion certificate here.

Safe Sanctuaries Train-the-Trainer is the certification course for individuals who wish to be certified as Safe Sanctuaries trainers. This course will provide more in-depth instruction in Safe Sanctuaries, particularly advanced topics in Safe Sanctuaries, as well as the process of developing policies and trainings. 

Participants must apply for participation in this course. For more details, click here.

This online training is intended for volunteers, staff, and others in local churches and ministries who need to complete Safe Sanctuaries training. The training is based on the model local church training, which is based on the North Alabama Conference Safe Sanctuaries policy last updated in June 2021. 

This training is intended for churches who have either adopted the model policy or have a policy very similar to it. Churches with more advanced needs or with substantially different policies should contact their district office to be connected with a Safe Sanctuaries trainer for further guidance.