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This course describes the updates to the North Alabama Conference's Safe Sanctuaries policy approved at Annual Conference in June 2021. The Conference policy is reviewed at least every four years, and during this course you will be familiarized with the changes approved for 2021-2025.

This course is intended for local church leaders who are responsible for maintaining their church's Safe Sanctuaries policy. An additional course is available for those who need to complete Safe Sanctuaries training for their local church where the local church has a policy based on the model small church policy provided by the Conference.

Please Note: This course is based on the sample Safe Sanctuaries policy based on the North Alabama Conference policy. The Conference policy was updated on June 5, 2021, and new resources including a new online Safe Sanctuaries training are in the process of being developed. Once the new training is made available, no new participants will be able to enroll in this course and it will be disabled 60 days from when the new course is made available. Churches and ministries are strongly encouraged to review and update their policy to reflect the updated Conference policy (details at this link) as soon as possible.

This course provides an introduction to Safe Sanctuaries (child protection) policies in the North Alabama Conference. For churches that have a policy similar to the small church example policy, this training fulfills the church's annual training requirement. For other churches, this training provides an introduction to Safe Sanctuaries that can be supplemented by training on the church's specific policy by a district trainer.